Archaeopteryx Facts

Archaeopterx was a primitive bird which lived in what is modern-day Germany during the late Jurassic period. Its name means “ancient wing,” and the first … Read more

Dinosaur Behavior

The behavior of dinosaurs are usually modeled using computer simulations, biomechanics, and the ecosystem in which they lived. Paleontologists also compare them to existing animals … Read more

What Is Paleontology?

Paleontology is the study of the development of life on Earth. Paleontologists study ancient plants and animals using the fossil record, and impressions which have … Read more

Fact About Theropods

Theropods were a group of dinosaurs which were bipedal. While most of them were carnivores, it is believed by some paleontologists that a few eventually … Read more

Triceratops Facts

Triceratops is a type of ceratopsid dinosaur which was a herbivore. Its name means “three horned face”, and it lived during the Cretaceous period in … Read more

Dimetrodon Facts

Dimetrodon was a carnivore synapsid that lived during the Permian period. It is not a true dinosaur, but is actually as reptile likemammal. It lived … Read more

Argentinosaurus Facts

Argentinosaurus was a large sauropod dinosaur which lived during the Cretaceous period. It may very well be one of the largest dinosaurs which ever existed, … Read more

Velociraptor Facts

The Velociraptors are a well known group of theropod dinosaurs which were slender, and known for their speed and agility. Their name means “swift thief,” … Read more

Smilodon Facts

Smilodon is an extinct species of saber-toothed cats which lived from 10,000 to 3 million years ago in North and South America. Their name means … Read more

Dinosaurs With Feathers?

Many paleontologists believe that feathered dinosaurs were a part of the change from dinosaurs into more birdlike species. Many paleontologists were well aware that dinosaur … Read more


Stegosaurus belongs to the genus of the stegosaurid dinosaur that roamed the earth in the Jurassic Age, in North America and Europe. The Stegosaurus was … Read more


It is interesting to note that this dinosaur’s name means ‘different lizard’. The ‘different’ in ‘different lizard’ probably comes from its unusual vertebrae, which was … Read more


The Ankylosaurus, or the ‘fused lizard’ was a dinosaur that was tank-like in appearance. Its upper body was heavily protected with an armor of thick … Read more


Coelophysis Origins The Coelophysis was a small carnivorous dinosaur whose existance dates back to the Triassic period over 228 million years ago. It owes its … Read more


Corythosaurus Origin The Corythosaurus was a crested duck-billed dinosaur which existed during the late cretaceous period around 80 million years ago. The name Corythosaurus means … Read more


The Albertosaurus was the three toed cousin of T. Rex. Although smaller than T.Rex, this relative lived a few millions of years earlier and was … Read more


      With the oceans today still shrouded in mystery, imagine what the scenario must’ve been millions of years ago. In the Jurassic age, … Read more


Plesiosaurus was strictly a marine creature from the Sauropsida sub category, although a study by William Conybeare made the claim that it was more of … Read more


The Psephoderma isn’t actually a dinosaur it was more like a prehistoric turtle. Its name actually means “rough skin” and was part of the placodant … Read more


Shonisaurus, found mostly in the Shoshone Mountains in Nevada , Shonisaurus was a swimming fish somewhat like today’s dolphin. This dinosaur was from Ichthyosaur group … Read more


There has been many greatly preserved Stenopterygius fossils found but there has not been much research for this creature because it is very much like … Read more


Henodus chelyops are also known as” Turtle-Faced Single Tooth”. Henodus chelyops was a type of placodont, which during the Carnian stage of Late Triassic period. … Read more


The Hainosaurus was a large marine reptile that existed on the earth in the late Cretaceous period. It was present in the oceans of Europe … Read more


The Globidens was a marine reptile which was present on the earth in the late Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic era. It existed on the … Read more


The one dinosaur that comes to our mind when we think of Japan is the Godzilla, the mythic creature that wreaks havoc every now and … Read more