Smilodon Facts

Smilodon is an extinct species of saber-toothed cats which lived from 10,000 to 3 million years ago in North and South America. Their name means … Read more

Dinosaurs With Feathers?

Many paleontologists believe that feathered dinosaurs were a part of the change from dinosaurs into more birdlike species. Many paleontologists were well aware that dinosaur … Read more

Corythosaurus Facts

Corythosaurus Origin The Corythosaurus was a crested duck-billed dinosaur which existed during the late cretaceous period around 80 million years ago. The name Corythosaurus means … Read more

Nothosaurus Facts

The Nothosaurus was a dinosaur that lived in the water during the Triassic Period. Nothosaurus means “false lizard.” It was approximately 10 feet in length … Read more


Dolichorhynchops is the genus of polycotylid plesiosaur. The name Dolichorhynchops means the “long nosed eye”. The Dolichorhynchops has a lengthy snout. Dolichorhynchops is a typical … Read more

Libonectes Facts

After the success of the film ‘ Jurassic Park ‘ many children are very much interested in collecting information regarding the different varieties of dinosaurs … Read more


Dinocephalosaurus is a genus having long neck. These are found in the Triassic seas many billion years ago. The name Dinocephalosaurus means terrible headed lizard. … Read more

Lariosaurus Facts

Lariosaurus was an extinct genus, which belonged to the suropterygian family. It is known to have lived during Triassic period. This dinosaur received its name … Read more

Dallasaurus Facts

Dallasaurus belonged to a family of Mosasaurs which were serpentine lizards. Dallasaurus were found in Dallas County which is located in Northern Texas . The … Read more


Dactylosaurus is one the European pachypleurosaurus. It belongs to the family Pachypleurosaurus. Dactylosaurus is the sister taxon to Anarosaurus and Serpianosaurus. It is believed that … Read more


Kronosaurus was the largest marine reptile that ever lived. It belonged to the category of plesiosaur, which is a meat-eating reptile. As considered by most … Read more


Keichousaurus are one of the types of dinosaurs, which belong to the Triassic era. These were known to have been lived around 215 million years … Read more


Supersaurus Origins The Supersaurus meaning ‘super lizard’ was discovered in Colorado in the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation in 1972, and was officially named by Jim … Read more