Aliens Ancient Art

Aliens & UFOs in Ancient Art

Ancient Art: Evidence of Aliens? The creation of our universe and the history of human evolution has puzzled us for centuries and centuries. Science failed … Read more

Why is Mars Red?

Why is Mars Red?

After Mercury, Venus, and Earth in the solar system, Mars is located at the fourth position away from the sun. As one of the closest … Read more

Annie Jump Cannon facts

Annie Jump Cannon

One of History’s Most Famous Female Astronomers Annie Jump Cannon had a major impact on the field of astronomy, and her system for classifying stars … Read more

Lunar Eclipses Phases

Lunar Phases and Eclipses

Why do lunar eclipses only occur during a full moon and solar eclipses during a new moon? Answering this question requires a knowledge of both … Read more

Perseid Meteor Shower

Perseid Meteor Shower Facts

The Perseid meteor shower is one of the most dependable meteor showers. Observers can generally expect 40 to 60 meteors hourly when the shower peaks. … Read more

Common Space Acronyms

Understanding the Lingo of Astronomy and Aeronautics NASA, itself an acronym, is famous for using many acronyms to describe its programs and missions. Here is … Read more

The Hubble Space Telescope

The orbiting HST has helped astrologists study and broaden their knowledge of other galaxies and celestial bodies. Launched into orbit in 1990 by NASA, the … Read more

Dark Energy Vs. Gravity

There are 2 forces fighting for control in our universe. Incredibly the winning force is dark energy which has slowly become more powerful than even … Read more

Layers of the Sun

The sun is comprised of many layers that work together to produce energy. From the Earth, the sun looks rather small. In reality, the diameter … Read more

Make a Balloon Rocket

Find out how Newton’s third law helps take us to the Moon and beyond. Aerospace engineers apply Newton’s Third Law (“to every action, there is … Read more