Modern Conspiracy Theories about the Solar System

We’re all used to odd conspiracy theories about aliens and UFOs at this point and they have seen a lot of attention ever since Roswell. The Internet has brought some of these forgotten theories back to surface and is responsible for making it easier for people to come up with new ones.

And despite the efforts of some theorists to prove all their somewhat crazy claims about the solar system, they more often than not fail. Many conspiracies don’t really agree on what the government actually hides from us and what are the intentions of our alien overlords.

1. The Climate Change of the Solar System

Most individuals believe either that the climate is changing because of the impact of humans, or that the climate isn’t changing at all, or that it’s changing due to natural causes. However, solar system climate change theorists believe that this is happening but it’s not doing so because of anything natural or because of something on Earth.

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One of these theorists often cites articles that claim Jupiter, Mars and other planets in the solar system are all suffering from climate change. He also claims that even Pluto, despite being the farthest from our Sun, shows signs of climate warming. He claims that the only way this is possible is if our entire solar system is warming.

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This means, of course, that on Earth there is no climate change per se. It’s all the solar system climate change’s fault. Why this is happening, however, is not explained by these theorists.

2. The Comet Landing Conspiracy Theory

Because of the efforts made by the European Space Agency, the Philae lander has managed to land on a comet. And while many people celebrate this amazing achievement, some theorists claim the event is not quite as straight forward as it may seem.

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The conspiracy theories regarding the comet landing claim that the mission’s billion dollar budget was spent because the comet is an alien artifact. The theorists also raise the warning that maybe the alien object did not desire to be found by humans. Other people even believe that there is a transmission tower on the “comet” and that images reveal there are UFOs in their backgrounds. They claim this is evidence that the whole ordeal regards aliens and the government simply wants to cover the whole thing up.

3. Barack Obama Was On Mars

In the past, former president Obama has been accused of not being American, being a Muslim or even wanting to take down the United States from the inside. He has been slammed for not having a service record and for lacking experience in politics before taking office. However, some theorists believe that Obama is hiding a much bigger secret.

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The theorists state that in the ’80s, the time when Obama was still in college, he participated in a program made by DARPA and the CIA. In the program, Obama became a “chrononaut” and was teleported on Mars using a machine called the “jump room”. Obama was sent to Mars to take part of very dangerous missions in order of making alliances with Martians to protect our species against all kinds of threats.

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These people are called “theorists” but two of them were actually part of the same program and were also “chrononauts”. Imagine the things these people risk by telling the truth about the whole thing.

4. The Footage of the Moon Landing Was Fake But the Mission Was Real

The fake moon landing is one of the oldest conspiracy theory about the U.S. government. This theory claims that the many flaws in the footage are proof that the lunar landing never happened. They claimed there are issues with the atmospheric conditions, the lighting and other factors that don’t make sense. They believe the whole thing was filmed in a movie studio somewhere.

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However, an even more insane theory exists regarding the Moon landing. This recent theory says that the footage is indeed fake but that humans did land on the Moon. They say that the mission happened but that we didn’t have the technology to actually film such an event or that if we could have filmed it, the government chose not to do so because the footage would have been awful. This is why the government faked the whole Moon landing footage in a studio.

Some other theories regarding the lunar landing claim we actually found alien life on the moon and that is why the government staged the footage.

So there you have it. These were our favorite modern conspiracy theories about the solar system.

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