Bringing Dinosaurs Back To Life

With the extreme popularity of the Jurassic Park franchise, many have wondered whether it is possible to bring back dinosaurs, and if it is desirable to do so. In the book Jurassic Park, the blood from mosquitos trapped in tree sap is used to extract and repair the DNA from dinosaurs. The gaps in chromosomes were filled with genes from frogs.

In reality, it is likely impossible to bring back dinosaurs in this manner. One of the problems with taking blood from amber is that DNA disintegrates over time when it is exposed to oxygen, water, or different types of radiation, and it is believed that any DNA extracted from amber would not be useful enough for this purpose. Despite this, DNA has been successfully extracted from Dinosaur remains twice.

However, neither of these could be confirmed when reviewed by scientists. A peptide of a hypothetical dinosaur has been made using a analytical phylogenetic construction method. It was successfully sequenced with the genes of modern reptiles and birds. Even if DNA from dinosaurs could be reconstructed, it would be extremely difficult to grow dinosaurs because no species live which could provide the zygots needed to develop an embryo.

However, many argue that it was impossible thirty years ago to clone a dog, though today is has been successfully done multiple times. Because of this, advances in genetic engineering, biotechnology, and stem cells may make it possible at some point in the future to “grow” dinosaurs. With current technology it is simply not possible.

In 2005, an article in Science magazine where a team of scientists led by Dr. Mary Higby Schweitzer announced that they had found what appeared to be flexible T-Rex tissue. This discovery is currently under review. The tissue was found in the leg of the T.rex, and appears to be good even on the cellular level. The impact of this discovery is not yet known.

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Even if the technology becomes available to bring back dinosaurs, many may argue against it. Some may feel that trying to control nature can lead to undesireable consequences, though this argument can be made against all forms of technology. Only time and the advancement of technology will determine if this becomes an issue.

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