Great White Shark Facts

Great White Shark Facts

Facts About The Oceans Greatest Predator It has taken 300 million years of evolution to create such a formidable predator as the shark, and the … Read more

Do fish have personalities?

Do Fish Have a Personality?

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Facts about Leeches

What are Leeches, Anyway?

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Sea Cucumber Facts

Secret Life of Sea Cucumbers Sea cucumbers are quiet and unassuming dwellers in our seas. But they are diverse, specialized, and critical to the world’s … Read more

Proboscis Monkey Facts

Proboscis monkeys are one of Borneo’s most intriguing attractions. Here are some useful proboscis monkey facts. Proboscis monkeys (Nasalis larvatus) might just be the most … Read more

Is a Snake a Reptile?

A Snake is a Reptile Because: Snakes have scaly skin Snakes are Cold-Blooded (not warm-blooded) Snakes lay eggs They don’t have hair They do have a backbone … Read more

35 Fun Facts About Dogs

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Earwig Facts

Plenty of things “go in one ear and out the other,” but earwigs aren’t one of them. Okay, it’s possible—though not at all likely—that one … Read more

Cockroach Facts

Menus for cockroaches can feature just about anything: rotting plants and animals, old clothes, shoe polish, ink, electric cords, toenails –, you get the idea. … Read more

Cicada Facts

When it comes to noise-makers, think cicadas (sih-KAY-duhs). The males are among the loudest insects on Earth. You can hear some species “singing” even when … Read more

fireflies facts

Firefly Facts for Kids

10 Fascinating Firefly Facts for Kids to Spark Curiosity Fireflies are magical creatures that have fascinated people for centuries. These tiny insects are known for … Read more

Do Sharks Have Bones?

Sharks don’t have bones. All sharks have cartilage for their skeleton rather than bones. This is very different from humans and most types of land … Read more