Top 10 Unknown Facts About Animals

Here are the top 10 unknown and interesting animal facts that are not known by many people in the world. If you are familiar with the animals you might never hear this information below.

Unknown Fact about the Elephant

elephant Top 10 Unknown Animal Facts
elephant facts

The elephant is a popular animal in the world. Existence can be found almost in every country in the world. Fun fact about Elephant is it is the only animal on the planet that has 4 knees, the only animal that cannot jump, the brain is around 4-5 kilogram, and each new baby born of an elephant weighs 100 kilograms in average. The last fun fact, although it looks gawky, one wild elephant walks around 100km/day.


Interesting fact about Pigs

Pig Top 10 Unknown Animal Facts
Pig Facts

Everyone knows that pig has a great appetite, highly social, smart, lazy, and it is a nice animal to be petted. The unknown fact that many people don’t know is average pig orgasm can lasts for 30 minutes. It is a dirty animal with an amazing gift.


Cool Fact about CHAMELEONS

chameleon Top 10 Unknown Animal Facts
chameleon facts

Chameleon has several enemies and the only defense mechanism they can do is camouflage. A little fact that view people know is chameleon not only change color when they scared. Basically, their change color is base on mood. They`ll be changing their color when they feel hungry or sad as well.

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Fun Fact about DOLPHINS

dolphin Top 10 Unknown Animal Facts
dolphin facts

Fun facts about dolphins are when they are sleeping they keep one of their eye open and alert. Another fact, they will ask their friend to help them when they are wounded. The last interesting fact, to heal their wound, other dolphins will keep them close to the surface to ease breathing.


Amazing fact about THE BLUE WHALE

whale Top 10 Unknown Animal Facts

First fun fact about the Blue whale is their tongue is heavier than an adult elephant. It is the nosiest whale on the ocean plus it has only 9 beats pulse/minute. It makes the animal as a mammal with the slowest pulse on earth.


Great Fact about THE OWL

owl1 Top 10 Unknown Animal Facts
Owl Facts
Owl has a big eyeball and it is better than the human eye. To move their eyeball or to see other direction, the owl must be turning their head.


Crazy Fact about Rats

rat Top 10 Unknown Animal Facts
Rat Facts

Rats chew when they are hungry or not. I think not everything they chew is food. They chew to slow the growth of their lower teeth. If they don’t chew often, their lower teeth can harm their mouth and kill them. It is simply a surviving mechanism.


3 Amazing Facts about SCORPIONS

scorpion Top 10 Unknown Animal Facts
scorpion facts

A scorpion has 3 fun facts. First, it won’t die without eating anything in a year, the skin glows when UV sunlight hit them, and the scorpion will survive if they are put into a freezer for up to 3 weeks.



mosquto Top 10 Unknown Animal Facts

Although Mosquitoes are small and look vulnerable, they are very ancient actually. They have survived in many catastrophes and some scientists believe that they have lived since the age of Dinosaurs.

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Fact You Didn’t know about PENGUINS

peng1 Top 10 Unknown Animal Facts
penguin facts

Fun fact about Penguins is they never need fresh water. Salty ocean water is enough to kill their thirst because every penguin has special glans inside their body to separate or filter salt from water. Cool huh?

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