12 current animals that lived with dinosaurs

Dinosaurs inhabited and reigned this world millions of years ago, but they were not the only animals that inhabited the planet, many of which have managed to evolve and resist the passing of the millennia until they reach today. In this list of the 12 current animals that lived with dinosaurs, we want to show you how wonderful Nature is since many of the species we have today are the ones that once walked among dinosaurs.


Sharks are fish that have stood the test of time doing what they do best: hunt. His body has not had to evolve or change too much since they have managed to endure being exactly the same as millions of years ago. Although it is true that its size has diminished considerably, but its ferocity remains intact.


Echidnas, spiny anteaters, are one of the first mammals on Earth, they emerged in the Cenozoic Era, being a species that has managed to stay alive thanks to its defenses and its adaptation of the terrain. For those who do not know it, it is a species of anteater with a very elongated nose and that feeds mainly on insects, with dozens of spikes throughout the body that protect it from predators.



Alligators, like crocodiles, are one of the animals that inhabited the planet along with dinosaurs. It is true that they had to change a bit, since in the past they could measure twice what they now measure, but their structure and eating habits were exactly the same as they are today, is a very common species at the time of these large reptiles, in addition to being the most feared for their ability on earth as in water.

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The weevil lanzón is a species of fish that can be found both in the Atlantic Ocean and in the Pacific. We find a species that comes from the Alepisaurus genus, which comes to refer to lizards that have no scales. His body is very elongated, having very strong and developed teeth being able to swim very fast. As we read in this specialized article it is a very common piece among fishermen.



Lampreys are one of the rarest fish that exist and lived alongside dinosaurs. Its body resembles an eel, very elongated, difficult to grasp because they have a viscous body, but what most attracts the attention of these beings that inhabit both coasts and rivers, is that they do not have jaws, but dozens of teeth They are able to cling to meat to feed.


Bees have populated the world for millions of years, helping pollination of flowers since then. They are very important beings for our planet and we must take care of them since there are cases in which certain areas of the planet are disappearing and this could be a major problem.


Perhaps if we talk about the fact that crabs inhabited the great dinosaurs, it would not be too strange, since, if we look at their battleship aspect, we could realize that they have anatomy very similar to the animals that lived at that time. It is true that the size, as in many of the species has been reduced due to the size also of the prey they eat, however, they still have the hard body to protect themselves from predators.

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This reptile is very similar to an iguana, although it has notable differences. There is evidence that tuatara has lived on the planet for millions of years, although it is the last living group of the Sphenodontian family. In order to find him free, you have to go to New Zealand.

Eel shark

The eel shark or also called Clámide or Gorguera is a species of shark quite old, much more than the traditional ones we usually know. Its appearance is not pretty at all, and it may surprise you to have a most frightening appearance with hundreds of teeth that are designed to bite and that your victim cannot escape from being devoured.



These curious beings are millions of years old, and platypus has lived with dinosaurs as well as with echidnas and other mammals. It is really a rather curious species since their young are born in eggs, but it is the mother who feeds them. They have a very potent poison and are able to detect their prey through electromagnetic fields.

Sea stars

Starfish populated the seabed along with dinosaurs, even before the time when these reptiles were bigger. In addition to the starfish, which were very large, they could also be found from sea cucumbers or hedgehogs, which lived perfectly in the sea and their size could be ten times larger than usual today.


Unfortunately, these fish are in danger of extinction and it is increasingly rare to meet one of them. Although it is true that sawfish are capable of inhabiting both rivers and seas of salt water, it is becoming less frequent because it is usually captured as a trophy, despite its early extinction. What he calls of this fish is his nose, since he looks like a saw, hence his name.

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