Do You Remember Exactly What You Said Earlier Today?

With Alibi You Always Have A Witness

You can never be sure what you may run into over the course of your day. Unexpected occurrences can catch you off guard and put you in a difficult situation that may be hard to explain, or perhaps you see or overhear something that you want on the record. When your word isn’t enough, Alibi can serve as your witness.

The smartphone app available to Android or iPhone users aims to be exactly what its name suggests. How it works is simple: Alibi is always recording. Depending on what settings you choose, it is always gathering audio, video, and location data. It holds on to an hour’s worth of it, then records over it. If something happens to you or around you that you need to have an account of, you simply tell the app to save and it snaps up everything it captured from the previous hour.

Once you feel strongly enough about an experience that you want to save the captured moment for posterity, Alibi compresses the data and saves it on your local storage in a hidden file. You will have access to it once your phone is plugged into a computer, but it remains protected so as to prevent the possibility of tampering or deletion.

While battery life is sure to be a concern any time a service is constantly running, Alibi is optimized to run in the background on your device so it never sucks up too much power—after all, how good is the app on a dead phone?

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Unlike plenty of apps that snag personal data and send it off to advertisers and interested parties, Alibi is focused solely on making sure that your account of a situation checks out. It’s built around personal privacy and safety.

If you find yourself in an altercation or an accident, you’ll have record of it. Whether you’re experiencing bullying at school, harassment at work, abuse at home, Alibi exists to help you share your side of a story. The idea is to give users the proof they need to confidently stand up for themselves.

Alibi comes at a time when many people are living in a heightened state of awareness and require an extra set of eyes and ears on the world around them. With Alibi, when you swear you’re telling the whole truth, you can do it with your hand on your smartphone.

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