Masculine and Feminine of Animals

Gender is a range of characteristics of femininity and masculinity. Grammatical gender is defined as a system of noun classification. In languages with grammatical gender, every noun must pertain to one category called gender. The different genders form a closed set of usually 2 or 3 divisions, in which all the nouns are included. Very few items can belong to several classes at once. Common gender divisions include: masculine, feminine, neuter, animate, or inanimate.


Animal Name Feminine Gender Masculine Gender
Aardvark sow boar
Alligator cow bull
American Bison(Buffalo) cow bull
Ant queen, worker, gyne drone
Anteater sow boar
Antelope doe buck
Armadillo sow boar
Ass/Donkey jenny jack
Badger sow boar
Bear sow, She-bear boar, He-bear
Bee queen, worker drone
Bison cow bull
Buffalo cow bull
Bush baby queen king, drake
Camel cow bull
Cat molly, queen, pussy tom
Cattle cow bull
Chamois doe bull
Chicken hen, pullet rooster, cock(-erel)
Chimpanzee empress blackback
Chinchilla velvet, sow boar, bull
Coyote bitch dog
Crab hen cock, jimmy
Crocodile cow bull
Deer doe, hind, cow buck, stag, bull,hart (red deer)
Dinosaur cow bull
Dog bitch, dam dog, stud, sire
Dolphin cow bull
Dove hen cock
Dragonfly queen king, drake
Duck -see also Mallard duck, hen drake
Dugong cow bull
Echidna sow boar
Eland cow bull
Elephant cow bull
Elephant seal cow bull
Elk (wapiti) cow bull
Falcon falcon tiercel, tercel, terzel
Ferret jill hob
Finch hen cock
Fox vixen tod, dog, dog fox, reynard
Gaur cow bull
Gazelle cow bull
Gerbil doe buck
Giant Panda sow boar
Giraffe cow bull, sire
Gnu cow bull
Goat nanny, doe, doeling billy, buck,buckling
Goose goose gander
Guinea fowl hen cock
Guinea pig sow boar
Gull hen cock
Hamster doe buck
Hare doe, jill buck, jack
Hawk hen tiercel
Hedgehog sow boar
Heron hen cock
Hippopotamus cow bull
Hornet queen drone
Horse mare, dam stallion, stud
Human woman man
Hummingbird hen cock
Hyena bitch dog
Jay, Blue hen cock
Jellyfish sow boar
Kangaroo flyer, doe, jill, roo boomer, buck,jack
Koala doe buck
Komodo dragon cow, hen bull, cock
Kouprey cow bull
Kudu cow bull
Lark hen cock
Lemur princess dictator
Leopard leopardess leopard, prowl, spot (has been proposed)
Lion lioness lion
Llama hembra macho
Lobster hen cock
Lyrebird hen cock
Magpie hen cock
Mallard hen drake
Manatee cow bull
Mink sow boar
Mole sow boar
Moose cow bull
Mouse doe buck
Mule molly, mare mule john, horse mule
Nightingale hen cock
Okapi cow bull
Opossum jill jack
Ostrich hen cock
Otter sow boar
Ox cow bull, steer
Parrot hen cock
Partridge hen, chantelle cock
Peafowl peahen peacock
Pheasant hen cock
Pig sow boar
Pigeon hen cock
Pony mare stallion
Porcupine sow boar
Porpoise cow bull
Prairie Dog sow boar
Quail hen cock
Quelea hen cock
Rabbit doe, jill buck, jack
Raccoon sow boar
Rail reeve ruff
Ram ewe ram
Rat doe, cow buck, bull
Red deer hind stag
Red panda sow boar
Reindeer(caribou) cow bull
Rhinoceros cow bull
Salamander sow boar
Sea lion cow bull
Seahorse seamare seastallion
Seal cow bull
Seastar hen cock
Sheep ewe, dam ram, buck
Shrew sow boar
Skunk sow boar
Snail n/a n/a
Spider Spider Spider
Squid hen cock
Squirrel doe buck
Swan pen cob
Tapir cow bull
Tarsier doe buck
Termite cow bull
Tiger tigress tiger
Turkey hen tom, gobbler, stag, jake (immature)
Vicuña cow, señorita bull, señor
Wallaby jill jack
Walrus cow bull
Wasp -see also Bee queen, worker drone
Water buffalo cow bull
Weasel bitch, doe, jill buck, dog, hub, jack
Whale cow bull
Wolf bitch, she-wolf dog
Wombat jill jack
Wren cow bull
Yak cow bull
Zebra mare stallion
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