Keichousaurus are one of the types of dinosaurs, which belong to the Triassic era. These were known to have been lived around 215 million years … Read more


    The Ichthyosaurus was a marine vertebrate that existed in the early Jurassic period. The time line of its existence is estimated at about … Read more

The Archelon

Archelon, the giant turtle was a well known name in the reptile family. It was seen floating in the ocean after is free will during … Read more

Giganotosaurus Facts

The name Giganotosaurus stands for ‘giant southern lizard’. The name is probably derived from the fact that the fossils of Giganotosaurus were discovered in the … Read more

Da Vinci Universal Man

Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) born in Italy was known as the universal man because of his many and varied talents. Many seem to remember him more for his … Read more

Worlds Busiest Gold Mine

Gold has been mined in many different locations all around the world from the Americas, to Europe and Asia. However the busiest of all gold … Read more

Birds That Can Talk

Did you know that parrots can be trained to say up to 200 words and short phrases. In fact their ability to mimic human language … Read more

Is there poop on the moon?

During the Apollo missions astronauts left various items on the moon to reduce the weight of the Lunar Module Ascent stage. Among those items was … Read more


Supersaurus Origins The Supersaurus meaning ‘super lizard’ was discovered in Colorado in the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation in 1972, and was officially named by Jim … Read more

Science Space Facts

You’re currently on our quick space facts page where you’ll learn loads of quick facts about our universe and the solar system we live in. … Read more

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