How Big is heaviest kidney stone ever removed?

In June 24, 2008 Wazir Muhammand, a Pakistani man, received surgery that made him a little bit lighter. 620g (1.36lb) kidney stone was removed from his right kidney, thus receiving title as the world’s heaviest kidney stone ever removed. Surgery was performed at the Nephro-Urology Chandka Medical College Hospital, Sindh, Pakistan.

The weight of the heaviest kidney stone ever removed is 620g (1.36lbs)

Kidney stones are solid concretions or calculi (crystal aggregations) formed in the kidneys from dissolved urinary minerals. They cause extreme pain in groin and lower back.

Doctors remove  ‘largest’ kidney from 45 yr old

Surgeons have removed the world’s largest kidney weighing 2.75 kg from a 45-year-old patient, authorities at Delhi’s Sir Ganga Ram Hospital said on Tuesday. Subash Yadav (name changed) was diagnosed with chronic renal failure with severe pain in the abdomen, blood in urine and high fever. Little did he know that what was building inside his body was a kidney almost equivalent to the size of a baby. Normal kidneys weigh approximately 130 grams. The Guinness Book of World Records reports a kidney weighing 2.15 kg as the world’s largest, which was removed in Dhule, Maharashtra, in 2011. Due to severe infection in the kidneys, Yadav’s condition was deteriorating with every passing day.

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