Dark Energy Vs. Gravity

There are 2 forces fighting for control in our universe. Incredibly the winning force is dark energy which has slowly become more powerful than even gravity.

I’m a believer in scientific facts and evidence. So naturally, I believe the universe was created by the Big Bang and that the Big Bang and all related theories are indeed correct until proven otherwise. As the theory states, the universe is expanding but it was recently discovered that the speed of this expansion is much higher than previously estimated. This is largely due to a hypothetical force called dark energy.

To put it in plain terms, dark energy is a force that is constantly tugging at our universe from all sides making it expand, almost like stretching a rubber band. Evidence for dark energy was released in 1998 when two groups of scientists realized that a supernova coming from a distant star was unnaturally dim. The only problem was this kind of supernova (called type 1a supernovae) always emits similar levels of light no matter the conditions. The only explanation for the supernova being so dim was that the star was much further away than previously recorded. Using information collected by the Hubble Space Telescope, scientists were able to come to the conclusion that we are indeed further away from this star than we were in the past, therefore, proving that there is a force expanding our universe (dark energy).

Now the force that opposes dark energy is a very well known force we like to call gravity. Gravity pulls things together and keeps them that way, just like the way gravity keeps us, humans, firmly on the ground. Dark energy pulls outwards and gravity pulls inwards, interesting isn’t it.

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Here’s the real interesting part. According to scientists, when the Big Bang created the universe, it was thought to be extremely small and dense. This is when gravity ruled, since the universe was so small and gravity’s pull was so overwhelming it was forced to stay small until dark energy crept into the picture. Slowly dark energy overpowered gravity and the universe started to grow. The more it grew the less control gravity had over it. This explains why our universe is expanding much quicker now than it was in the past. Gravity almost has no control over our universe compared to dark energy.

Our fate is now in the hands of this so-called force of dark energy which will continue to expand our universe until who knows when. The most we can do as a people is study it like we did gravity and learn the repercussions that come with it being the dominant force in the universe.

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