What is the Proper Way to Walk?

Yes indeed. According to the podiatrist, Dr. Nilesh Patel, there is a proper way to walk. Walking does not simply mean lifting your feet and taking one step after another.

Walking and posture both start with the feet

It is safe to say that the feet are very important factors to consider here.

The way a person walks certainly tells a lot about him. It is a telltale sign if he has style, poise, and grace within him. His confidence with himself and his abilities can also be seen from how he takes his step and what body posture he projects when he walks.

Walking is a form of body language. Although walking comes very naturally to a person, just like the way he speaks, eats, and hears, improving it would mean improving a lot about him too.

Walking is a skill mastered by fashion models from all the places around the world. These people are paid so much because they have exhibited talent in maintaining good body posture. Knowing the proper way to walk can certainly take you places.

If you wanted to walk the proper way, follow these tips:

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Check your body frame

Are you tall or short? Are you fat or thin? Are you dark-skinned or fair? These are the things you should consider as you look at yourself in front of a full-length mirror. Answering these questions would make you appreciate your body more. Then you will be on your way to walking with confidence.

Project yourself

After feeling good about yourself, you have to make sure that you look that way. Relax. Be physically beautiful, clean, and healthy from within to the outside. Dress appropriately. Wear clothes that feel most comfortable to you. Here, your confidence will be boosted more.

Give your body rhythm

Walking is a repeating activity. Since that kind of activity is rather boring and common, something has to be added to it to spice it up. And that will be nothing else but a harmonious rhythm of your body.

Involve your feet, legs, and your whole body when walking

Walking does not involve the feet alone. The rest of your body should pace with each other. That means as your feet are moving, your arms, shoulders, hips, and waist are all moving in harmony as well.

Straighten your body

Do this by standing up and keeping your chin pointed. Follow the military stance of putting your stomach in and taking your chest out. This is the proper walking posture. Now that your body is prepared, you are ready to take a few steps.

 Imagine a straight line on the ground then walk within it

Walking in a crisscross pattern is never attractive. Do it the ramp model way. Walk as if you are in a catwalk and not on pavement. And do it with so much confidence emanating from within.

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Keep your toes straight

Walking in a straight line is not going to be enough. Your toes and heels should both be parallel to that line too. If your toes are falling outside, either in the extreme left or the extreme right, you still are not doing it the right way. Or, if you have your toes coming to the center and the heels outside the extremities, that’s wrong too. Walk with your toes and heels facing each other at all times.

Make sure that your legs are not crossing as you walk

When one of your feet is coming in front of the other as you walk, you are not walking right. Still using your imaginary line, try to walk with your feet on each side of the line. The line serves as the boundaries of the foot. That means you are not to cross over it.

Practice the correct way of walking for at least 10 minutes every day

You should see many improvements to your body. You will have better grace and poise. And you will definitely have a more erect and firmer body.

Follow these simple steps and you are on your way to walking properly. There are so many elements that comprise good walking. The proper way to walk certainly involves your mind, your disposition, as well as the rest of your body in general.

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