How Many Golf Balls are on the Moon?


Alan Shepard is the only person to hit a golf ball on the Moon. During the Apollo 14 mission, he fitted an 8 iron head to the handle of a lunar sample collection device and launched three golf balls. They are still there!

“The two golf balls and the club at no expense to the taxpayer,” Shepard said. He promised his boss, Bob Gilruth, the director of NASA’s Manned Spacecraft Center, that he would wait to take the golf swing at the end of the Apollo 14 mission and only proceed if everything else had gone well.

3 Golf Balls on the Moon?

Although Shepard was only the 5th person to walk on the moon, he was the first and the only to play golf there. During the mission, he hit two golf balls on the lunar surface and (some sources say) dug one in the dirt while hitting it.

NASA seems like a legitimate information source, yet some claim that there are only two golf balls on the moon and that the hits were made with a 6 iron head. But to be fair, this doesn’t change the amazing fact that some golf balls are still on the moon, the count of them is trivial.

Source: NASA

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