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Physics of Time Travel

Time travel nears with new trillion-dollar ‘dual-use’ government technology. Visionary new closed timeline curves theory offers a peek into our past.

The idea of going back in time first captivated the popular imagination when H.G. Wells published his book, ‘The Time Machine’ in 1895. But today, this is no longer Star Trek pseudo-science but credible theorization incorporating standard laws of physics. That’s according to Texan, Joseph E. Olson in his article, ‘Time Travel Tremor,’ featured in Canada Free Press (June 7, 2010).

How is Time Travel Possible?

Joe insists time travel is infinitely more possible as theorists number-crunch two loose ends from the equations handed down to us by Albert Einstein and Godel’s solution to the ‘Field Equations’ in 1949. It seems even Einstein, himself, admitted the time travel door may be wide open to us yet.

Olson explains, “To the general public the take-home message is this: all that is necessary to complete the Einstein Theory of curved time-space is the charge and the rotation of the cosmological dust.”

The former Houston engineer explains that the two unknowns from that fateful 1949 equation were the spin of the cosmic dust and the net charge of the universal background radiation.

Olson enthuses, “To solve these equations we needed some empirical data. We needed un-disturbed cosmic dust, best collected on the moon, and advanced space-based telescopes to measure the rotation speed and the galactic radio wave radiation.”

The real-world data has painstakingly been put together at great expense as a result of the trillion-dollar space programs of rival Cold War superpowers, the United States and the former Soviet Union. Additional tweaking may now be ongoing here on Earth at the $6 billion Hadron Space Collider in Switzerland.

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Top Scientists Seriously Study Time Travel

A long-time outspoken critic of the man-made theory of climate change, this insightful Texan is not shy of controversy. In pitching in with an incredible new angle to humanity’s big dream Olson expects to be labeled by some a ‘conspiracy nut.’ No less an icon of mainstream science, Stephen Hawking, a modern-day Sir Isaac Newton, has waded in to affirm that time travel is feasible in his documentary series on the ‘Discovery Channel.’

British science guru, Hawking admits he kept quiet until now for fear of “being labeled a crank.” Olson has no such fears and the Texan is blasting out on this with both barrels suggesting the public ridicule and the secrecy of successive U.S. governments simply adds fuel to his fire.

Indeed, with trillions of taxpayer dollars accumulated in related research projects with no apparent return on the investment, public speculation readily links projects such as the Hadron particle Collider with the once fanciful musings of H.G. Wells.

Dual Use Technologies

To channel vast amounts of government resources into what would otherwise be a giant cosmological white elephant, Olson identifies the need for policymakers to often couch their time travel research within the context of military defense; what he calls the incorporation of additional ‘dual use’ technologies.

An example of ‘dual use’ technical innovation was the Apollo Moon mission landings, which were seen not just as international kudos for the U.S., but a giant leap towards winning the superpowers’ arms race with the former Soviet Union. Thus the Hadron particle collider may be cloaked in another plausible cover while this hunt for the Holy Grail of science becomes ever more tantalizing.

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Olson says, after decades of relentless acquisition of data, we are now about there. The great ‘Theory equation’ could finally be calculated and new technologies developed and refined to implement this new closed timeline curves theory with an actual machine that may cross the time-space curve into our history.

Russian Mathematicians Affirm Time Travel Possible

Olson expects those protective of government secrets will be quick to call him a crank but he’s not concerned. He has plenty of well-credentialed big-hitters supporting his ideas. For example, as reported in the UK’s ‘Independent’ newspaper (February 8, 2008) two Russian mathematicians, Irina Aref’eva and Igor Volovich, have spoken out in support of such a new theory.

The Russians envision the Large Hadron Collider at Cern as the most likely testbed for mankind’s first peek into the past. They suggested 2008 was the most credible “year zero” for time travel because they calculate it was the ideal location for plausible tiny “wormholes” in space that could allow some form of time travel.

Where future developments will lead we can only guess, because as Olson says, whoever seeks to exploit this technology will be guarding it very jealously and will be loathe to want to share it.


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