What Do Toads Eat?

Toads are amphibians, so they begin their lives in the water and eventually end up on dry land. They are very closely related to frogs, and in many cases it is difficult to make a distinction between the two. Most toads prefer a dry environment, and have leathery or warty skin, though there are some species that need a lot of water just like frogs. If you have a pet toad, or are thinking about getting one, then you have probably asked yourself the question, “What do toads eat?” Since toads are carnivores, they prefer to eat insects, worms and other types of live prey.

What do Baby Toads Eat

Baby toads are often quite small, especially right after they have undergone metamorphosis from the tadpole stage. That can make it difficult to feed them, though there are a number of insects that baby toads can eat. In order to decide what to feed your little pet, you should look at how big its head is and choose insects that are smaller than that. Pinhead crickets are a great choice for both babies and full grown toads that remain very small. You can also try feeding mealworms, grubs and waxworms if they are small enough. Since crickets that are raised in captivity are sometimes lower in nutrients than wild insects, you may also need to provide your baby toad with a vitamin and mineral supplement that includes calcium.

What do Wild Toads Eat

In the wild, toads will eat whatever insects, worms and other small prey species that can be found in their local habitats. Since wild toads live in many environments all over the world, different species eat many kinds of food. The common toad typically eats flies and ants when young, then hunts for larger insects and larvae when mature.

Toad Hunting
Toad wait for a Meal

The common wild toad has much the same diet the world over. There are a few species of toads that will eat dead animals and even dog or cat food, but for the most part they eat living animals. Depending on the size of the toad the food they will eat varies. To see what small toads eat see the post entitled what do small toads eat.

Other common foods for mature wild toads include slugs, snails and even spiders. Wild toads that are very large can even eat vertebrate animals such as small mice and lizards. All of these prey species are swallowed whole, since toads have no teeth in their lower jaws and cannot chew.

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What do Toads Eat in Captivity

Captive toads enjoy eating all of the same foods that their wild relatives do, but crickets are probably the most popular. Crickets are available from most pet stores, and they are raised specifically to serve as food for frogs, lizards, snakes and other animals. Captive toads will also eat vegetables and fruits, but they prefer live prey. If you need to, you can always supplement your pet toad’s diet by hunting for earthworms, slugs and various insects in your yard. Just place the insects, worms and other food in with your toad and allow it to hunt just like it would in the wild. If you notice that your pet has eaten some of the insects, make sure to add more. That will ensure that it always has prey to hunt. You should also be careful to always provide your pet toad with a source of water, since toads require water to live. If you happen to get an aquatic species, it is even more important to house your pet in a terrarium that provides a damp environment.

What do cane toads eat?

Cane toads are popular pets because the novelty aspect due to their large size. An adult cane toad can weigh up to 4 pounds, so they can consume large quantities of food. The cane toad’s main prey is insects, but will eat any animal it can fit into its mouth. This may include worms, large wood ants, beetles, smaller cane toads, fish, mice, rats, and other frogs.

what-do-cane-toads-eatAll of which may be purchased at your local pet shop. Remember to spray your toad cage periodically with a water bottle, because toads drink through the specialized skin on their belly.

Cane Toads normally prey on insects and will eat any animal that they can ingest. Cane Toads eat almost anything such as small lizards, frogs, birds, fish, mice, bees, worms, dung beetles, scarab beetles and even younger Cane Toads. They are also known to steal food from dogs and cats if their food dishes that are left outside.

What do small toads eat?

Small toads are great pets and are quite easy to feed. Just remember to feed your toad plenty. Adult toads can eat upwards of 1000 insects in one night. If you are trying to feed a small toad that you are keeping as a pet the first thing you want to do is look at the size of his head. Toads can open their mouths to the size of their heads. So the food they will want to eat should fit in their mouth. That is with the exception of earth worms.

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what-do-small-toads-eatSome of the favorite foods of small toads are pin crickets, which can be purchased at most pet stores. As well, during the summer months you can collect (“doodlebug,” “roly poly” or “rollie polie”) under rocks and logs. Small toads will also eat several types of worms. If you find earth worms place them either on top of a rock in your toads cage or in an upside down lid. During the winter months you will want to purchase blood worms from your local pet store. House flies are also enjoyed by small toads. Just remember that toads are carnivores and if it can fit in their mouth the will eat it.

For a small toad you will want to feed him one earth worm, 2 or 3 insects, or a large slug per feeding. Make sure you feed your toad 3 to 4 times per week.

What Do Amphibians Eat?

There are currently over 7,000 amphibian species classified into three orders. The Anuran order, which includes frogs and toads, accounts for approximately 85 percent of all amphibious species. Salamanders are members of the Urodele order and account for 10% of all amphibious species, while Gymnophonia (blind, worm-like amphibians) account for 5% of all amphibious species.

Diets differ greatly between orders, within orders, and across different life stages. As a result, we will concentrate on several species from each order to get a good idea of what amphibians eat. It’s also worth noting that many amphibians are nocturnal, so their ‘breakfast’ occurs when most of us are getting ready for bed.

What do tree frogs eat?

Tree frogs are any frogs that have adapted to life up in the branches of trees. They have sticky pads on their feet and eyes that are excellent at judging distances to help them maneuver at dangerous heights. So, what do tree frogs eat?

What do Tree Frogs EatTree frogs are primarily insectivores, meaning they eat bugs and small vertebrates. Smaller frogs eat flies, ants, moths, crickets, butterflies, spiders and beetles. Larger frogs catch snails, lizards and even mice!

If you have a pet tree frog, a standard diet of crickets is recommended. Depending on the size of your frog, you can try feeding it fish like goldfish and guppies, mice, worms and any other bugs you find crawling around your home. Every once in a while you should mix up calcium and multivitamin powders and coat your frog’s food to ensure it’s getting all the nutrition it needs.

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