Gray Woolly Monkey (Lagothrix cana)

Gray Woolly Monkey
Gray Woolly Monkey

The Gray Woolly Monkey was first reported by E. Geoffroy in 1812. It inhabits both Brazil and Peru. This particular species is currently (2003) listed as vulnerable. It is also known as Geoffroy’s Woolly Monkey.

They are frugivorous, feeding mainly on fruit, but have also been reported to feed on insects and leaves. They are gray in color, with a thick dense coat. Their face, hands and feet are black. The inside of their arms are also darker in colour.

They have a large prehensile tail, this gives them the ability to maneuver aptly through trees.

They are from the Atelidae (or known as Atelid’s) family of monkeys. This family of monkeys also encompasses howler monkeys, spider monkeys and the woolly monkeys.

There has been little research carried out into this particular species of monkey.

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