Bushy-tailed Opossum (Glironia venusta)

Bushy-tailed OpossumThe Bushy-tailed Opossum was discovered in 1912 by Thomas. It inhabits Brazil and Peru.

They are known as Didelphidae, and within their own subfamily called Caluromyinae other Opossums exist:

Derby’s Wooly Opossum (Caluromys derbianus)

Equadorian Woolly Opussum (Caluromys lanatus)

Bare-tailed Woolly Opussum (Caluromys philander)

Black-shouldered Opossum (Caluromysiops irrupta)

They are small to medium sized marsupials, possessing a long snout. Female opossums are usually larger than the males. They have a wide diet and feed on a variety of food sources.

Little research has been carried out in the Bushy-tailed Opossum. This particular species of Opossum is currently (2003) listed as vulnerable.

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