Brazilian Arboreal Mouse (rodentia muridae)

What would it be like to be marooned on an island with no one who shared character traits similar to yours? The Brazilian Arboreal Mouse could tell you, if he could talk.

This single species can be found in the Rio de Janeiro area in eastern Brazil. Specimens are displayed at the British Museum of Natural History, the only other place you can see one of these rare creatures.

The Brazilian Arboreal Mouse’s body is the same length as its tail, 94 mm. This nearly naked tail is tipped with a tuft of hair. The Brazilian Arboreal Mouse is a very “unmousey” color of orange highlighted with paler under parts, yellow feet, and white colored toes. Its ears are so short that they barely stick up over its fur.

The only real information researchers know about the reproduction of the Brazilian Arboreal Mouse, is that the female has six teats with which to nurse its young.

Arboreal life takes place in the trees. The Brazilian Arboreal Mouse lives in the trees while most mice species live on the ground or in burrows.

Did you know?

The Brazilian Arboreal Mouse is missing its claw from both the big and little toes of its hind foot.

Further Information on the Brazilian Arboreal Mouse:

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