Blackish Squirrel Monkey (Saimiri vanzolinii)

Blackish Squirrel MonkeyThe Blackish Squirrel Monkey is currently listed as a vulnerable species (2003), and this particular species of monkey is also endemic to Brazil. The Blackish Squirrel Monkey was first reported in 1985 by Ayres.

They are from the Cebidae (Prehensile-tailed Monkeys) family of monkeys, belonging to the genus Saimiri. Monkeys of this genus are Squirrel Monkeys.

This species can also be known as the Black Squirrel Monkey. Very little research has been carried out on this particular species of Squirrel Monkey.

Squirrel Monkeys in general have a life span of around 15 to 25 years. They are primarily herbivorous feeding on fruit and plant matter. They will however feed on insects and other such food sources.

Squirrel Monkeys have long prehensile tails that allow them to hang from branches, and even carry objects with their tail. They are small monkeys, usually not weighing more than 1.5 kilograms maximum.

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