Black-fronted Titi (Callicebus nigrifrons)

The Black-fronted Titi was discovered by Spix in 1823. It inhabits South-eastern Brazil. It is currently (2003) listed as a vulnerable species. This species is also endemic to Brazil.

Their forehead and crown are black in colour extends to the halfway point of the ears. The rest of its body is a brown-orange colour. Their throat is paler in colour. Their tail is also reddish-orangey-brown.

The Black-fronted Titi is a frugivorous species, thus primarily feeding on fruit. They have also been reported to feed on insects and leaves. They are arboreal meaning they rarely travel to the forest floor.

They have a monogamous mating system, and will live throughout their life with the partner and any offspring. They give birth from August through October.

It is sometimes referred to as the Southern Masked Titi or the Southern Masked Titi Monkey.

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