scifacts.net was launched in early 2006 as a resource for learning (and teaching) science to people of all ages and backgrounds. Our goal has always been to share and encourage scientific learning based off of short bite-sized snippets we call facts.

In 2012 we moved to a community-driven model opening up content updates to the wider community. So as well as our own team of writers the science facts community is now actively helping each other by posting, sharing and answering questions posted to the site.

More About The Site

For more information about how the site works and other frequently asked questions check out the various sections below.

The Community Explained

Science-facts.com is all about sharing and enjoying science in an easy and digestible way. The site brings together those that love to write about science with those that love to read and learn about it.

How Do I Become A Member?

All you need to get started is to register an account and to make it even easier if you already use facebook or twitter we even let you sign in through them.

Rewards & Prizes

Whichever camp you fall into science facts allows you to contribute and get rewarded for whatever you enjoy doing.

Each action on the site earns you points and every time you earn points you move up in our leaderboards.

The top users at the end of every quarter get sent a random prize from us to reward them for their efforts in helping others and also as a simple thank you from the science facts team who appreciate their continued input into the site.

How You Earn Points

Most actions on the site from submitting a fact to asking or answering a question will have an effect on your overall points score. So if you’re wondering which actions earn you what points then check out the points breakdown below.

Ask A Question -3 Points
Post An Answer 1 Point
Get Voted Best Answer 3 Points
Submit A Fact 5 Points
Post A Comment 0.5 Point
Your Comment/Answer Get’s Liked 0.1 Point
Your Comment/Answer Get’s Disliked -0.1 Point

If you’re wondering why your cool science fact or informative comment hasn’t been approved then it’s quite possible you’ve broken one of our rules. To help ensure you get your work published as quickly as possible please check out the rules below.

General Rules

Below represent the general rules of the site and apply to all types of content submitted to the moderation team.

  • All content submitted to the site must be related to the subject being discussed.
  • Correct grammar and English must be used at all times.
  • Racism, abusive comments or plain discrimination is not allowed.

Submitting Facts

In addition to the rules below please ensure your facts are interesting and factually correct.

  • If your fact isn’t mainstream knowledge please provide your research sources with your submission.
  • All content must be your own, we do not accept plagiarized or duplicated content.

Leaving Comments

Leaving comments is the easiest way to earn points but also the hardest to get approved so please read the rules below.

  • Please leave relevant and informative comments.
  • Short 1-2 word comments that add no real substance to a comment thread will be rejected.

Answering Questions

As a general rule of thumb if you don’t know what you’re talking about don’t try to answer the question out of good will. 99% of the time it will get rejected.

  • Don’t leave answers that are vague and not 100% related to the question. It’s easy to leave a related answer but much more difficult to give the exact answer.
  • Answers must be detailed and in general should only be posted once per question, unless the original asker asks you to elaborate on what you’ve written.