Commenting Rules

One of our services is commenting, which allows the users to interact in real time. SciFacts does not control any information and material that is delivered commenting section. By using this service you agree to the following terms:

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We will not edit user comments, so don't say anything you might later regret, but SciFacts does reserve the right to remove a comment that violates previously mentioned terms and deny logged access to the user which violated commenting rules.

SciFacts is not responsible for the content of user comments and if a third party complains that your comment violates our Comenting Rules or their rights, we will invite them to respond in the comments themselves. If they pursue the complaint, we will make reasonable efforts to contact you by the means you have provided us, to alert you to the situation. From that point on you'll have to handle this situation on your own according to your local laws.

Copyright Rules

In general our original material is licensed under Creative Commons License. This means that you can share or adapt our material to your needs, but you do need to submit a link to original material or author (if specified). Commercial use of our original material is strictly prohibited.

Other rules...

If you stumble upon a bug, broken link or grammar mistake on please report it to (though this is not mandatory). You are strictly prohibited to abuse bugs or cause any other damage to our website or server. If you do violate these terms we will submit you to your local authorities.